Flipping polarity through GPIO pins?

With the risc of sounding stupid, here goes:
I have a tiny camera (like the arducam boards) with an IR-cut filter. It is activated through an LDR.
I want to bypass this and switch it with an arduino (3.3v).

The IR-cut filter has a small connector with a red and black wire. After some probing it turns out when you put +3.3v on the red, and 0v (ground) on the black, the IR-cut switches one way. When you put 0v on red and 3.3 on black it switches back. it uses tiny amounts of miliamps, it is an inductive load.

Can i set one gpio to a low output, another gpio to a high state and have a current path ? then switch the high to low, then the low to high and have the current path reversed ?

I love programming but am not that knowledged in electronics, so henche i figures i better ask first :smiley:

Yes, you can do that.

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You have just re-invented the H-bridge :slight_smile:

If you need more voltage, current, or pin protection, then use a real H-bridge.

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Great! so i have this other idea, it's round and you can put it under anything to make things easely move...

Thanks! i heard H-bridge before as a power source, but did not exactly know what and how. i'll go look it up to expand my knowledge :smiley:

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