Float over Serial Port

hey, its my second consecutive post in this category.

I want to transmit data to Arduino via the Serial Monitor in the IDE. The data is float values separated by a comma.

data - 12.291,5.612,1.9821,5.921,1.3,1.4,1.5

I want the arduino to read it and store it in a char array. How should I go about it?

atof (Google it, check the forum. This subject comes up about every other day)

Thanks for the quick reply!

But I think, my question is not clear.

I actually need help in using the serial commands like the Serial.read() and Serial.available(). Receiving int values is simple but how should I go about for multiple float values..?

Check the forum, this problem comes up about every other day. You need to know how the numbers start, how they end,and how they are delimited. These things may depend on how and where the numbers are sent. The serial monitor doesn't provide start or end markers, so you have to add them.

Your answer can be found here: http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/SwitchCase2