Floats seem to be rounded to the nearest integer

I am having some issues when reporting data to the serial monitor. Below, I have included the relevant parts of the code and sample output. I first initialize variables and then run a series of functions within my void loop. When it comes to printing the data, it seems to be rounding or doing something that I do not quite understand.

For example, looking at the output, acceleration in gs seems to be rounded to the nearest integer even though I set it as a float. Accel (g) is calculated by taking the Raw Accel obtained from the appropriate registers and dividing by 8192, following the sensor specification document. This should result in a decimal answer and not zero or one. What am I doing wrong?

Code (Note that this is not the code in full):

long accelX, accelY, accelZ;
float gForceX, gForceY, gForceZ;
float AccelForceX, AccelForceY, AccelForceZ;

void loop() {

void processAccelData(){
  gForceX = accelX/8192;
  gForceY = accelY/8192; 
  gForceZ = accelZ/8192;
  AccelForceX = gForceX*9.80665;
  AccelForceY = gForceY*9.80665; 
  AccelForceZ = gForceZ*9.80665;

void printData() {
  Serial.print("Raw Accel");
  Serial.print(" X=");
  Serial.print(" Y=");
  Serial.print(" Z=");
  Serial.print("Accel (g)");
  Serial.print(" X=");
  Serial.print(" Y=");
  Serial.print(" Z=");
  Serial.print("Accel (m/s)");
  Serial.print(" X=");
  Serial.print(" Y=");
  Serial.print(" Z=");



Raw Accel X=110 Y=368 Z=8392
Accel (g) X=0.0000 Y=0.0000 Z=1.0000
Accel (m/s) X=0.0000 Y=0.0000 Z=9.8066
gForceX = accelX/8192;

Since accelX is a long (which is an integer type), this expression will give you an integer, rounded toward zero. Cast accelX to float before dividing it by 8192 (or divide by 8192.0 instead).

Thank you for your help.
Both your suggestions worked. Would you mind explaining why an integer divided by a float outputs an integer rounded toward zero? And why the second method of dividing by 8192.0 works?

8192 is an integer. Integer/integer results in an integer.

8192.0 is a float. Integer/float produces an output which is a float.