Floor Water Detection using a Moisture/Soil Sensor - HELP

Greetings everybody!

I want to make a robot car which detects the water on the floor, wipes it clean and then moves forward only after wiping it fully.

I am planning to use this sensor:

My main question is that can I use the moisture sensor in the link to detect water on the floor? If anyone has used this sensor for this application, or otherwise, please give me your piece of mind.

P.S. Yes, it is my compulsion to use this sensor.

No, this sensor measure moisture into soil. It must be inserted into soil.
Maybe you can change the sensor and reuse the board.

These "brick" sensors use an opamp so the sensitivity is adjustable. It should work but the probe that is included with it isn't practical for a mobile robot; you'd probably want to make your own with a couple strips of metal dragging on the floor.

It'd be worth your time understanding how the module works. All you need is an inexpensive opamp and a few resistors/caps to build your own.

I suspect problems with your project, for several reasons:

  • the water may have any (unpredictable) conductivity, not easy to measure
  • wiping may leave an thin water film on the surface, hard to tell when to stop cleaning