Floppy drive delay/echo schematic



Hello everyone! I wonder if anyone in here could help me by giving me a more detailed schematic on this? Is there an existing one? If there isn't, would any one like to help me by explaining how it could be done?

I tried this a few years back with my dad, but we couldn't get it to work. I want to try it again, and so far I have got the heads to step and change direction. I guess that the stepping could be done through the pwm on the arduino?

From here I do not know what to do.

http://www.silmoh.com/pezzi2/DS/98-DS.PDF Here is the datasheet for the floppy drive I am using.

My understanding is that I somehow need the audio signal to be connected to the write head, and the read head to be connected to an amplifier?

What I do not know is, how do I put the floppy drive in a write mode? and how do I figure out which heads are which?