Flow Control

I am looking for something that could control the opening size for a pipe and ultimately the flow of steam. Can't seem to find anything besides solenoid valves that are on/off. Anyone know where to find something like this?

You seem to be describing a valve. If you know details of the size and specification then I suspect that Google would help you find possible sources. I don't think that the Arduino forum is a good place to get advice about steam pipes, though.

yes, I am looking for a valve. I've tried looking on google but haven't really seen anything that would work. I was wondering if anyone else had tried anything similar.

Try looking for a 'motorized valve'.

or a modulated proportional siemens has an expensive one in building automation, i use a lot with a very simple spring and a coil operateted on 24 volt with 2 amps. it works in a refrigeration system

Maybe a ball valve, and put a servo with it to swing the handle back & forth for you.

Thanks for the info guys! This is helpful