FlowBluino - The Node Warrior

Here is my tutorial for building interfaces (executable) for controlling cheap Bluetooth components from Windows,
hope you enjoy & would love to see what you can create :slight_smile:

P.S. This is my first draft, please comment / make suggestions or notify of errors :slight_smile:

CSR Bt Radio $2
LC05 $8
Flowstone $0
BT Command $0
Arduino $4 to $60

The cheapest BT setup @ mo :slight_smile:

FlowBluino.pdf (3.62 MB)

I submitted a data logger module for Flowstone with a little arduino coding you could log incoming sensor readings in windows from your executables.


Just an update to the pdf explaining the importance of links in Flowstone

FlowBluino_1.1.pdf (3.79 MB)