Flowcharts and State Diagrams

Hi guys,

I need help creating a Flowchart/State diagram for a project.

I have no issues coding, but I have no experience with State diagrams (Can more or less make my way trough with Flowcharts).

My question is, if I posted a video of the project working could you guys draw some rough idea of what these things would look like? I'm guessing for someone with experience interpreting this kind of things it should be fairly obvious.


No. The question and answer format is better than a video.

Yes state diagrams are a little rarer and I've never seen software that assists that drawing process.

google "moore mealy difference" or "turing machine"


No. The question and answer format is better than a video.

Wouldn't that be a flowchart, per si?

The problem with artifacts like flowcharts and state diagrams is that the moment you start entering source code they become out-of-date. With each line of source they move towards "useless". I hate wasting time on things that are preordained to be useless.

For state diagrams I prefer coding in a way that resembles actual state diagrams...

I have not seen a flowchart since ... well ... let's call it "more than a year ago". Oh how I loath FORTRAN. I have always found flowcharting to be a complete waste of time. It's just too similar to actual ... you know ... source code. Instead of flowcharting just start typing.

I agree with @MorganS ... Q&A.