Fluorescent lights with DC motor

Hello, I am new to Arduino, just would like to ask if its possible to connect two 220V T5 4W fluorescent lights and a 12V dc motor to Arduino? I am planning to create a UV sterilization box using to UV germicidal lights with an automatic door system. Thanks.

Why not use UV LEDs for the light?

The motor will need a driver as an Arduino cannot power motors.

For motors that need to be reversible, Pololu has a good line of drivers and they have good instructional pages for each of their products. Choose a driver based on the motor supply voltage and stall current. Those specifications should be listed in the motor data sheet.

If the motor does not need to be reversible, a simple MOSFET driver can be sufficient. Choose the MOSFET to handle the motor supply voltage and stall current.

For the 220 device, use a relay board rated for 220 volt and the needed current.

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