Flush Mounting RGB Common Anode LEDs to PCB

I've designed a custom LED PCB that is controlled by Arduino over I2C and SPI. All my ICs and LEDs are cooperating as they should. My only issue is that because of the common anode RGB footprint I picked in EAGLE (I believe it's from the Adafruit component library), my RGB leds are floating approx 15mm above the PCB. They are seated so high they are hitting the roof of my enclosure. I tried to carefully bend the LED leads with needle nose pliers but didn't have much luck getting them to sit lower on the board.

Does anyone have any suggestions that would allow me to mount the LEDs as close to the PCB as possible?
Do common anode LEDs exist with this staggered pin layout, instead of a straight row?
Do I redo my Eagle layout with a different component footprint?

I assume they do because someone went to the trouble to make a pad for them. However I have never seen one.

Given your current problem if you can’t find the right component I would drill out four holes that matched and with a scalpel cur away the existing tracks and wire them back with some thin ( 28 gauge ) insulated wire. You only need to do four. However how many boards do you want to make?
If you want something to sit flush then use a surface mount LED. You can even get individual WS2812 addressable LEDs on a small PCB. Just glue those over the PCB and wire up with thin wire.

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