Flying a UAV Via GPS(waypoints)

Greetings all

I am building my quad copter, but this time i not going to control it via an RC. Aiming to use GPS and WiFi module to make this quad copter move from a location to another.

To facilitate this project we will work on a open field so no obstacles around to stop or damage the quad copter.

I am gonna need some assistance about this issue and what type of arduino i need to get to manage all this modules and coding.


Look up Ardupilot for a complete open source solution.

I'd use an inexpensive commercial flight controller like the CC3D to get basic stability. Then use the Arduino and GPS in place of the radio receiver to provide Throttle, Elevator, Aileron, and Rudder signals to the flight controller. Each of those can be done with a Servo object and a PID control loop.

Don't use floating point for latitude and longitude since those won't give good precision. Use the long integer "millionths of a degree" values.

You will need a compass (magnetometer) in addition to the GPS in order to know which way the quadcopter is facing. Without that there is no way to correlate Pitch/Elevator and Roll/Aileron control signals with a compass direction.


Do you know which gyro the CC3D uses please.

Do you know which gyro the CC3D uses please.

The chip on the CC3D board I have says InvenSense MPU6000. It's a combination 3-axis rate gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer.

CptMike any update on your project i want to do exactly the same. Please help if u can. Much appreciated.