Flying with a Wing. What am I looking at ?

I have been considering to build a fixed wing based flying robot (The image is just to get an idea, not any exact design :. ).

I’m trying to prepare a checklist of components that I would need,

  1. Plastic body (Frame) - Should I consider styrofoam or fiberglass ?
  2. A light weight powerful motor(Propeller) - What should I go for ?
  3. A pair of small linear actuators (To move the 2 flaps) - Is there any such electo-mechanical actuator
  4. A battery to keep it flying for around 20min - Will the board and motor work at 3.3V ? Can it fly with 5V or 12V batteries?
  5. A microcontroller - Will a microcontroller suffice, should I go for ARM based boards or both ?
  6. Wireless communication - I do want a range of around 200m, is Wifi my only option?
  7. Pitot(or any altitute measure)+Gyro (Positioning) - Adding such sensors I guess is not an issue to consider once everthing else is setup

I may not be very clear with this post as i’m just starting off with this project.

Please comment on every little aspect you would like to advice me on.
Looking forward to suggestions.

I will come back to this as I make progress.

Thanking you in advance.

You should probably look at since your diagram calls for embedded Linux which will not run on an Arduino.

But the wing looks good!

Most flying wings are made of EPP (a very strong kind of foam). If you want some inspiration for design, choice of motor and battery etc. you should have a look at this forum:

To move the flaps: use servos

One of the biggest and cheapest suppliers of motors and battery stuff for RC flying is, they also sell an atmega168 based control board that might be of inetrest

Also, if you by communication mean sending telemitry from the plane there are many possibilitys: