FM Radio Receiver breakout board


Can anyone recommend some good options on FM radio receiver module breakout boards with the following features:
Arduino Compatible - Digital control
RDS decoding
Digital frequency and volume control
Good reception
Dedicated antenna connection

I'm currently using a Si4703 breakout board, the main issue I'm having is the antenna being integrated into the the audio output.
I'd like to be able fit a proper dedicated antenna for areas where radio reception is not as good.

What board do you have as this has a dedicated antenna connection point.


Did not notice that board had the antenna separate.

Any other options out there?
Does not have to be based on the Si4703

The RDA5807FP shown in this post has separate antenna pin and can decode RDS. You can pick them up as modules from AliExpress or eBay but the eBay ones will require a bit of soldering to make them breadboard friendly or connectable.

Thank you for the suggestions.
I'll take a look and get some modules to play with.

would a DAB or DAB+ work better?

I am ultimately trying to do the same thing

would a DAB or DAB+ work better?

I never had much luck finding DAB modules and none of them cheap at all. If you find something let us know please.