FM reciever - feasible or not?

hi, basically i want to be able to (if possible) make a pre-programmed (but available to scan radio stations) FM reciever that then can output to an amp and then in turn speakers (and if possible have the volume control and FM reciever in one - arduino controller) id then have it hooked up to a LCD little cheapy one (for now).

so basically can anyone see any possible way i could go about doing this?

I am not entirely sure what you are trying to do.

Please clarify.

If you mean use an Arduino to control a standard FM receiver - change channels, volume etc then yes, you could ‘mod’ the reciever, so that the Arduino effectively presses the bottons. Reed-relays are good for this.

basically have the arduino controller control the chanel that the FM radio recieves through digital control rather than analogue (the adjustable capacitor that alters the frequency recieved), through buttons ect change volume, chanel instantly without having to search for it, cause if i can then control 2 or 3 different things off the single arduino chip that will make things a bit easier for me space wise.

basically the FM reciever BUT controlled via arduino

make any more sense?

Yes, that makes sense.

If you are fairly new to electronics then make life easy for yourself and find a radio receiver where all the controls are buttons. Then use reed relays to simulate pressing the buttons. The reed relays are controlled directly from the Arduino outputs.

Its not perfect, but it will work and its pretty easy.

Any other approach will probably need more knowledge of electronics than you have.

Google has an answer:

edited: Don't need to solder, there is a board:


If you can get a FM receiver with an IR remote (Many have this).. You can easily control it from Arduino across the room...

You could set up different listening schedules: BBC news, NPR now, good Rock Music (NOT NPR) later 8)

There are good IR tutorials and libraries for Arduino.. You can "learn" the commands from the existing remote and then have ARduino send them..

There are 2 good links on this page:

DISCLAIMER: That goes through my own shop site... But you only need a $1 IR LED!

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Wow - is there anything that you can't get a shield for?

Oh brilliant!!!!!!!!!! all of these is prety much EXACTLY what i was after, i just couldn't find them, a 2nd and fifth pair of eyes never hurts :P

cheers Gents