follow a post

how can i follow a post? and go back to it later regardless of if anyone has commented on it since i saw it ,


At the top right of a thread, click "Notify". Arduino will send you email notifications if people reply to that thread. Or, while replying to a thread, click "Additional Options..." then select "Notify me of replies."

Is that what you mean?

not really, I have that part sussed out, what i want to do is see a list of threads I have visited or commented on , i have tried to search my username and it only shows threads where i am quoted not what i have written

That has been discussed here:,107967.0.html and here:,104615.0.html.

Click on "replies", top right, or go to your profile and click on "show posts"

cheers awol,

is that avatar from the flight of the navigator ? it looks like it might be

No, much earlier. Think Kubrick/Clarke.

flight of the navigator is as early as i go,

ok , 2001, although i cant claim to have it sussed without google, and i havent seen it since i was a kid and just thought running round a circle was pointless, haha maybe i should watch it