Follow Me R2D2 - Difference between GPS modules

I'm trying to build a "follow me" system for my R2D2 replica using GPS.
I'm following the steps of the "Autonomous Follow Me Cooler"
Link : Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler - Part 2 - YouTube
But instead of the PAM-7Q GPS module I'm using the NEO 6M,and it's not working.
I believe it's because its another GPS module. But I'm not sure.
I want to know if there's a difference on how information are received by these modules.And if there's a difference how I can change the code to make it work.

If there's a human who can help me...
Thank you.

Read the post above 'How to use this forum - please read'.

It will give you hints on what to include in posts to help people provide you with answers.

Most GPS are very similar in operation, as to whether its a code problem, I have no idea, you have not posted the code you are using (see 'How to use this forum - please read'.)

And follow me type applications will work OK in large open spaces, but dont expect much.

and it's not working.

That is the lamest thing you could possibly say here.

The code you didn't post does something. You expect it to do something. All we know at this point is that the two things are not the same thing.

Since you couldn't be bothered providing any useful information, you need to adjust your expectations to match what the code actually does.