Follow me robot with DWM1000

The actual solution is as follow:
The robot follows a person by using two ultrasonic modules in a cart that receives signals from a third ultrasonic module.
The ultrasonic receivers and sender communicates with RF module and they are wired with two Arduinos.
The solution is based on this project:

Now I am wondering if I can use DWM1000 module instead of ultrasonic module.
Is it feasible?

Yes. Use three modules and 2-way ranging for distance and direction. You know the distance between the two 'follower' modules so that gives you three sides of a triangle. A little trig gets you the distance and direction to the module being followed.

At about $20 each they are a little more expensive than the $2 HC-SR04 modules but the results will probably be more precise.

OK, thank you for the answer.
I also tested a solution with GPS but the result is inaccurate.
Does DWM1000 works as well outdoor?

I don't see why it wouldn't.

Is it possible to use two DWM1000 in one Arduino?
Is there any example on how to do the wiring?

It appears to use an SPI interface so you can have as many of them as you have spare pins. On an Arduino UNO/Nano that would be about 15.

Thanks for the answer.

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