Follow me with 3 Bluetooth Module

Hi guys, I need your help!
I watched a lot videos about ultrasonic, IR, PIR and colour followers but I saw those bots follow everything that's move!
I need a method of following for one single person, so I thought to use 1 Bluetooth Module and connect me with him, but how can it follow me?
I thought again and i discovered that I needed 3 (not one) Bluetooth Modules that can track my position. So the question is:
With a single module, the synchronizing is simple, I search the module and I connect to him with my smartphone. but with three? How can i tell them that they must connect to me?

Maybe you don't undersand xD

Smartphones can connect only with a single bluetooth module, but I have 3 bluetooth module.
I think that I must to connect with an only bluetooth module and the other must take the name of my smartphone and calculate the distance with the strenght of the signal... is it correct?

The Bluetooth Module:

Here an example of the following method with 3 Bluetooth Modules! But How can I realize this? :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

Maybe you don't undersand xD

Your are dead right about that. I haven't the faintest idea about what you want to do, or why you would want to do it, or even if it is possible - which it probably isn't. It sounds more of a phone problem than an Arduino problem, and I guess you need to start with three of them, or learn how to send three different types of data over the one bluetooth - which would surely be more constructive. I don't dare ask how you would expect to calculate the distance on the basis of signal strength. I guess doing that for the Z axis will be quite interesting.

What I can tell you is that, no matter what you want to do, you will not succceed with eBay
351139365889. It is not a bluetooth module but merely the interface board for one and has no active electronics. Further, it costs about four times what you should be paying for it. That sort of money can get you a proper complete HC-05 on eBay.

1 bt is master and other is slave 2 or 3 or more ...

Does work this module?

Here an example of the following method with 3 Bluetooth Modules! But How can I realize this?

Where is the example? Bluetooth generally isn't considered "directional", so do the bluetooth units connect to GPS units or such?

If you see the suitcase, you can see that 3 Bluetooth can find an external bluetooth device. I know how to do that, but my question is if there were a method to use others bluetooth as "signal strenght finders" xD

Does work this module?

Yes. You should be able to get one for about $US7

Can you show me how to connect them and the sketch please?
I remember you that I need 3 Bluetooth Module _