Follow perimeter of dynamically drawn area (GIS, GPS, Geofencing)

Hello, I want to have an arduino(s) drive a mini-robot around a pre-defined geofenced area. However:

  • The area is defined only after I walk around the perimeter of said area
  • Store the map/area
  • Have the arduino read that map area and move the motors such that the robot follows the area's perimter

I came across a lot of tutorials, but with the closest one (I could find) being a robot that follows that area as it is being drawn (Robot driving fully autonomously using Marvelmind Indoor "GPS" - YouTube).

It's cool, but I only need to walk around the area first to store the area coordinates (because the area will usually be unknown first), then feed that to the Arduino.

Any suggestions on devices I might need?

If this is outdoors, store a series of GPS waypoint coordinates. The robot can navigate from waypoint to waypoint following the bearing from one point to the next. For short distances, the equirectangular approximation is much simpler than the great circle bearing calculation and works just as well.

If indoors, you have to solve the robot location problem first. Pozyx might work for you.