FONA808 SMS Send Always Generates An Error

My project: Mega with a FONA808 (#2542)

I used the FONATest sketch in the Adafruit examples as a guide. The SMS Send function returns a false if an error occurred. I did likewise in my sketch. Every SMS send I do generates an error, that is the function returns a false. Most of the time the SMS goes out anyway. In one case I send out two SMS messages because the response is greater than the maximum length of a text.
In that case the second text follows the first almost immediately. In this situation I get an error on the first part but it goes out but the second part never goes out. I find that if I put a 4 second delay before every SMS send, all the parts go out even though there were errors on all parts.

This is a workaround that I must do to make the project work but it is not an acceptable answer to me.

What causes a SMS Send error ? How do I handle it?

I really need some help and would greatly appreciate your assistance.

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