Font documentation

Is there documentation on how to define a font in an .h file?

I know that it starts with Width, Height, First char, Number of chars, then a jump table followed by font data. But I don't understand the jump table nor the format of the font data.


You're describing a variable pitch font.
A fixed pitch would be much simpler - just a simple 2d array.

Presumably you have a graphics library in mind to display the font. One approach is to examine the library documentation and/or code to determine what format it expects for font data.

There must be documentation on the file format. I read that it is Open Source, but I cannot find it.

If you look at one of the font files, you see that even a fixed pitch font is described as in my first post. But I cannot figure out how to create my own. It is not a simple array.


You need to tell us which library you're using.

I am using a ESP32-LoRa board with an OLED. It is made by Heltec. It uses the library called "Heltec_ESP32_Dev-Boards".

Its documentation says:
setFont sets the current font. Available default fonts:
ArialMT_Plain_10, ArialMT_Plain_16, ArialMT_Plain_24.
Or create one with the font tool at
Syntax: void setFont(const uint8_t fontData);*

If you go to the mentioned website, it will generate the code to put into a .h file defining a specific font. But I don't know how to make my own file. I want to make a font that they do not have.

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Library code is here: Heltec ESP32 Dev-Boards - Arduino Reference

Thank you, but I already have the library. I read all of the documentation that came with it. I even rewrote it in proper English so I could understand it. But the only mention of custom fonts is what I quoted in my earlier post. I read somewhere that the algorithm for creating the .h files is known. But I cannot find it.

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Sounds like you want a font editor, like this one:

Thank you John. Your link led me to the doc I was hoping for. It does not specifically describe the file format, but it gave me the tools needed to figure it out. Now I can use the font editor, or do it by myself.

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