Food Grade or acceptable electronics

I'm looking out for PUMP's and VALVE's that can pump and direct food grade material like juices etc any links? I want cheap alternatives

Adafruit sells this inexpensive peristaltic pump:

Note, however, that the tubing in it is -not- food grade, but it should be possible to purchase such tubing and replace it.

I have searched for a long time about food grade pumps. the only thing i have found are peristaltic pumps. just like the one that cr0sh linked!! with this technic only the tube is in contact with the food. for the tube you can try to get a sample - i have order one in the past and it was no problem to get one meter. peristaltic pumps have some disadvantages:

  • for the most pumps its difficult to get them and they are expansive
  • they are slow

if you dont need the pump but can work with gravity you can just think about an ~180° bending of the tubing. i think this should be possible with an simple servo..

there are people out there that try to build diy peristaltic pumps but its difficult - the motor and mechanics must withstand heavy forces ( for squeezing the tubing) you can check out the Bartendro people - they have a peristaltic pump modified so it has the controller things 'on board' i think they use a Welco WP 11 (up to 700ml/min) pump as base and modifies them to there needs...

i am interested in this too - so just report back if you have some other ideas or sources of peristaltic pumps :-) sunny greetings stefan

You will not find cheap food grade anything because of the regulations they have to meet. Home brewers build systems that have valves and pumps but nothing that I consider cheap.

Adafruit sells this inexpensive peristaltic pump:

Need to deal with around 15 gallon however its a good system but at 100ml /min it is slow

I think I have sorted out the valve problem they dont need to be strictly food grade but with the PUMP I'm looking for a cheap substitute for this >>

I think My Food grade pump and the valve problem is sorted!(I found someone on ebay), Now I'm looking towards a Food Grade Heater?

Your local appliance/hardware store will have AC heating elements for water heaters.

If it isn't listed as food grade it isn't even if the same material appears to be used. Non food grade plastics use a different mold release than food grade even if the same base material is used. You are free to use what you want for your own consumption, just don't use others as your test subjects.