Food process

Hi all, I'm going to build my Arduino project but I need some help.
I need to monitor a pastorization process, from 4 deg to 85 deg and back to 4 deg, log the temp every minute, store the data on an SD card, read the data via wifi.
Important, I need it records only during the pastorization, I have a digital input on during it, basically I don't want any data recorded when the digital input is off.
This project is a bit too complex for me atm, can someone help.
Thank you so much

Are you offering to pay someone to do this work for you? The reason I ask is because the "Gigs and Collaborations" forum board is specifically for offering paid work. So if you post here asking for someone to do work for you, you should expect to pay them for it, and should make it clear that you are willing to do so.

There are many people here on the forum who are willing to provide free assistance in helping you learn to do the project yourself. For that sort of thing, the other forum boards are more suitable.

@Panto1977's topic in the Project Guidance board:

Will this work for you?

yes, we need that temperature control for the dairy food safe.
if you can help me we can discuss about fee. I can also detail to you what I need.

If that works, then buy it. The device I linked costs $150. Nothing I build for you will cost less than that!