Foot pedals + arduino step counter for ADHD kids


I have this project of my school where i have to make a product for young kids with ADHD, to lose some of their energy while they are making assignments. Now i have a foot pedal from a race set from trust, i think. I want to build in my arduino uno inside the foot pedalcase + a display. It has to be like this; everytime you press down a pedal (the left or right pedal) i should count 1 step, then you should see +1 step on the display. So the display is a visual counter.

What i have now is: - arduino uno - cables (male-female, female-female, male-male) - foot pedal - 7 segment display ( - 2 buttons for the pedals ( - arduino battery clip (

Picture of the inside of the pedal:

I'm a beginner arduino user and i don't know how to make the code, and how to wire all the components. Do any of you guys have suggestions?

I could use some help! Thanks in advance.