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I want to conduct an arduino to the USB of my computer and connect it to two buttons. Pushing on will have the same effect as a left click of a mouse and the other as a right click.

Not sure how to begin when it comes to sending signals to computer via USB.

If that's all you need it to do, I would buy an ordinary USB mouse, wireless or not, and either:

  1. make a mechanical device (a box with the mouse inside, with pedals that click the mouse)
  2. take apart the mouse and solder wires to either side of the buttons on the mouse's circuit board, then buy 2 big electric buttons (or make them: buttons are just contacts held apart until you push them) . When the wires contact, it will click.

You may also want to read about hardware debouncing. Eg Depending on your mouse, maybe the mouse will handle it for you.

Since buttons are just 2 contacts coming together and making an electrical connection, they tend to "bounce" as the connection is made and lost and made again within fractions of a second. So what you intend as one click might act like a bunch of clicks in fast succession. Debouncing is a series of techniques you can use to counter that. Hardware debouncing uses a capacitor to store charge so the spikes you get from the bounce are ignored

  1. If you want to get fancier and spend more money, you could get an Arduino Leonardo, Micro, or Due and program it to act like a mouse but you will still have to make an enclosure with pedals. See:

If you use an Arduino, you could also use software debouncing as well as, or instead of, hardware debouncing.
Software debouncing is usually just using a timer in your program to ignore button clicks within a very short (microseconds-scale ) interval.

Have fun!

Thanks.. initially I thought why not use the Arduino (just for fun) but after more thought I will go with the mouse idea :slight_smile:


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