foot tracking

I am working on a project that needs to track 2 feet. I am using this to track feet on a treadmill and plan on using the distance measurements from multiple sensors to track each foot in 3d space. The feet would be at a max of 40 inches away from the sensor. The sensor would remain stationary but the feet would be moving. I am going to have to track both feet separately and can attach a sensor to each foot. I will be gathering the data using an Arduino and sending that info to a python program on my computer. What are my options for distance measurements and or tracking?

A common approach is to use a video camera and image processing,with IR LEDs as marker beacons.
Not an Arduino project.

The camera approach makes more sense, since the camera can look at the feet from one side. The distance sensors can't, because the distance is about the same all the time. The distance sensors need to be placed in front of or behind the walker as well as above him. When above him, his knees and body will shade.

Not an Arduino project at all but you might do it with a a Raspberry Pi and one of these Kinect sensor

I wonder if a PixyCam could do this?

I wonder if a PixyCam could do this?

Well you don’t get the depth like you do with a Kinect and there is a lot of tracking to do, I am sure the Uno is not up to it, a Zero might just do or Teensy 3.6.

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