Footer content gone?

What happened to our footer content? I had my favorite/helpful links there…

Now its all gone? Seems to (somehow) be attempting to show it under our avatar/images/names?

But it doesnt parse correctly, nor it is handling HTML/markup correctly.

Please address this.

Also please relax the stupid rule of ‘bad title’ checking.

I am constantly getting ‘cant decide title same words seems to be used’… just because my body of test ALSO contains the word ‘footer’ (sigh)

Are “footer” and “signature” different terms for the same thing?


Whatever you prefer,… and whatever term current forum software uses.

Whatever you prefer

I don't have a personal preference regarding terminology, but I do think it's important that everyone knows what is being referred to. My initial thought when I saw "footer" was that the website's footer had gone missing. "Signature", or ".sig file" (I've never seen the latter applied to forums before) is the term that has been used in the previous discussion on this subject. For example:

My research indicates that Discourse intentionally does not have native support for signatures:

But "signature" appears to be the term used when the Discourse folks discuss the subject.

OK… so terminology aside.

What is the outcome here?

Your stance seems to be that it isnt supported. (fine)

Then why the janky, non-working addition to our ‘names/avatars’? Seems like the took the ‘signature’ content and moved it there…


Hence the post and letting admins know.

If I click on my avatar… I see a bunch of non-parsed HTML/BBCode mark-up non-sense

I see no way of editing that from my profile? ← found it profile > profile apparently.

  • Looks like a (failed) attempt to port the ‘signature’ content the the “About Me’” section in a users profile.

Did not parse out any old BBCode (not compatible with Discourse)…

Every other technical site I use that is using Discoarse (Home Assistant and Node Red) has sig files. Users may turn them off if they don’t want to see them. They also have a better UI that wastes less screen space.

Correct, but we have a plugin if this is a must-have

Install it then please :slight_smile:

I put the link to the plugin for information, obviously we will not install it if it is not specifically requested by @alranel. He will consider whether it is worth installing or not.

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“Worth” to whom? The fact that users are asking for this feature which we had in the old forum to be RESTORED should be enough.

We are not the admins of this community and we do not intervene in the site management if it is not expressly requested by the Arduino staff.

Can you comment about how the OLD footer/signature content was somehow migrated to our profiles (About Me)? without parsing/updating any of the mark-up? (instead of just installing the signature plug-in?)

Mine literally was broken (About Me migrated content)… and nothing but BBCode tags… and broken links in there.

I asked the engineer who made the migration.

Given the structure of the database he had to concatenate SMF signatures and bio to import them into the Discourse bio (About me). By installing the signature plugin the content would have been duplicated because it would have been imported into the Discourse bio anyway. Since the migration of a site with such a large database is never easy, we have preferred to avoid unnecessary complications.

I saw you already updated the markup to use pure HTML, in theory the script that is rebaking the site should have fixed the bio markup as well.

If there are any broken markups in the bio please report it to us and we will check.

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