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I'm not sure I have ever seen a more useless and uninformative video than that, but it appears to be a simple alarm clock. My minimum fee would be $1000 AU plus $200 an hour thereafter as needed. You can probably do it yourself for $0.00 and have a bit of fun too. That is what Arduino is all about. The Time and TimeAlarms libraries probably have all you need, and more, and the UTFT or PCD8544 library is fine for the 5110 display. They are free too.


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I want someone ' Professional in the Arduino programming. To help me in the completion of a simple project : -- Multi-Alarm. ' Intelligent alarm ' With screen: Nokia 5110/3310 ... - buttons. ( i will make hardware ) and you will make programming . any Member who can... Please leave a ' private ' message. To agree on the cost $ ... " only programming" and to get more information.

Here's a simple example // but This example is different ...

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for half that,(plus materials) I’ll copy the code,
that this guy posted,

put it on an arduino and send it.

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