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Hi All,

Could someone recommend what to read to start using arduino+displays.

I'm pretty good at electronics, programmer for 17 year, many hobby arduino projects. But never dealt with displays.
ISP, I2C, where do I start?...
Maybe there's a good book to read?

My goal is be able to buy a random ISP capable display on alibaba and make it work.
For now, I bought this
and don't even know where to start.

Please refer me to some good reading material.


To start off, it's SPI, not ISP - that may help you to have the right search terms.

What you have bought is an "intelligent" display - it shares no real things with the raw displays that 99% of users here use.

The display is intelligent, it loads fonts/graphics/layout from MicroSD-card when instructed from the Arduino - it'w quite simple. Look at the example code from the manufacturer.

// Per.