For Help -> one Arduino to read several ADXL345s

Recently I'm on a project that I need to read several ADXL345s . So how can I make it with just one microcontroller, such as uno or 2560 ?

IIRC it's an I2C chip, so you can connect many on the same bus (on Arduino UNO i2c pins are A4 and A5, but please don't take my word for it, check the shematics).

Without extra hardware, or software I2C, you can only have two of these connected at one time, because you have only two possible addresses.

Thank you ~~ but…I'm just not very familiar with ADXL345, what do you mean by "2 addresses"? I knew one is 0x53 (am I right?), and what is the other address?

or is there some Software IIC library that can be downloaded?

In I2C mode, the CE pin (chip enable) is the address select pin, and gives you one alternate address. The other value will be in the data sheet.

Thank you for the advises~~~I'll learn more from the datasheet later