(For hire)Arduino voice record and timed playback with grow lamps

Since it seems this is a male dominated field I'd like for a female to help me build this gift for my beloved
I wanted to find the programmer before buying the arduino stuff - but here is the link to where I found some help

To welcome a loved one into the quarter century club I wish to build her a gift! It's supposed to be a planter with grow lights and voice to stimulate the plants.
I have 2 lamp sockets, a pull switch, little pots, and some wood so far with the 2 LED full spectrum lights( 28W equivalent and actual power consumption just about 6~9W at 85v - 265v) and a bible on the way! SO here's the part i need help with: The voice recording and playback. It will need to be of great quality!
The first message should be played 3 times at half hour intervals, then the first message she can record will play 5 times at half hour intervals. then my message three more times, then her second message at the same rate as before, then my second message every half hour 3 times, then her third message ever half hour 5 times, my third message (every half hour 3 times), then her fourth message every half hour 5 times, and finally just one final message I recorded.
I'd like for when the switch is pulled to turn on the lights that it would play the first sound and start the cycle, but in case family starts to get annoyed by the voices i want there to be a disarm button - but that it would only stop one block when disarmed and resume at the next block. when the lamp is turned off i want it to play the final message. I may want to add some LEDS but for now this is all I want help with.
Thank you all!
-Phaedrus Flo
feel free to email me at flotopiansignal@gmail.com