For Hire ASAP: Simple program coding for stepper motor to switch on

Hey Guys,

I have an easy stepper program gig ready to go ASAP.

I want to push a momentary button to activate a stepper motor for a programmed number of seconds.

So push momentary button, stepper motor turns on for 5 seconds then stops.

I think you will have to program in the speed, accel+ decelerate etc, etc to accomplish that.

I want something like 1000 rpm. I can modify it after.

Also,may need a little help on how to wire up the motor and switch to the uno.

SureStep stepper motor, NEMA 34 frame, IP40, single shaft, 6.3A, 1288 oz-in holding torque, 1.8-degree step angle, 200 steps per revolution, bipolar.

Leadshine DC advanced microstepping stepper drive, 7A per phase, 2-phase output, 24-70 VDC, bipolar, velocity and position mode, 200 to 12800 steps per revolution.

Power Supply
SureStep linear power supply, 48 VDC at 10A unregulated, 5 VDC at 0.5A regulated output, 10A, 480W, 120/240 VAC nominal input, switch selectable, 1-phase, anodized aluminum open frame, wall mount, screw terminals.

If u want I can help you. My questions are:
When is the deadline?
Did u find a code that move that motor?
Do u think to pay for the help?

Deadline is 10 days from start.

This is a for hire gig.

No I don't have any programs or code.

Also, where are you located on the planet?

-jim lee