For loop running twice

Hey, the for loop after "if(led ==9)" keeps running twice, if i set the delay to 150 it only runs once but when its less than 150 the loop runs twice, here's the code:

const int switchPin = 8;
unsigned long previousTime = 0;
int switchState = 0;
int prevSwitchState = 0;
int led=1;
long interval = 1000;
int y = 1;
int z = 0;
void setup() {
  for(int x=2;x<8;x++){
    pinMode(x, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); 
void loop() {
  unsigned long currentTime = millis();
  if( currentTime - previousTime > interval){
     previousTime = currentTime;

     if(led == 9){ 
        for(int y=1;y<8;y++){
        if(z ==7){
  switchState = digitalRead(switchPin);
  if(switchState != prevSwitchState){
    for( int x = 2;x<8;x++){
      digitalWrite(x, LOW);
  previousTime = currentTime;
  prevSwitchState = switchState;

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With short delay()s in the for loop it will run fast enough that the 1000 millisecond interval has not passed. As a result led will still be 9 and the for loop will run again

Oh now i see it, thanks! The aim was that when led == 9 the led blinks would only happen once. Do you have any idea how it'd be the easiest to get the for loop to only run once when led == 9 despite what the interval is?

What exactly do you want to happen ?

You could increment led after the for loop to prevent it running again

I do something similar…
I define an array - perhaps 10 members, then use 5 of the members to indicate LED on/off states.
That way, if I cycle through the array while blinking the led, it’s quite easy to blink long/short patterns with a gap between cycles, or counts… e.g. 1/2/3/4 blinks depending on what I’m trying to indicate.

The fundamental idea of the code was that a LED will turn on after a certain time (long interval), until every LED is on and then (led==9) and then all the LEDs go LOW and the for loop kicks in blinking the LEDs. The problem at the moment is that the led value is 9 for a long period of time depending on the length of the interval and so the for loop keeps running as long as (led == 9) and not just once.

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