For loop

I found this great videos for learning how to use arduino. I'm on lesson 3 anyway I know I'm coding rite just like in the video. I've seen other people have this problem as well. I have the newest version 1.6.7 arduino but when I go to type command for in my void loop section it doesn't turn orange or even blue it turns grey and won't recognize for as a command the other people also have this problem is their anyway around this?????? any help would be awsome

The text color doesn't mean anything. It is a red herring. There's a list of words in the keywords.txt file that change color but that's all it means is that the word shows up in that file. It has nothing to do with how it works.

Post your code using code tags.
In 1.6.7 you can click: Edit -> copy for forum
and it will include the code tags for you.

Most likely it's a syntax error. capitalization, punctuation, brackets etc. all matter.

EG: it's pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);

not Pinmode(pin, output)

or pinmode pin, outPut

at the top of this web page click the learning tab -> reference
and there is a list of all the commands, it will tell you the correct syntax for each.