For my first project, I want to copy this project

Okay so the link is here

The video made it look rather cool, but from Adafruit which parts would you most recommend for this project?, I think it maybe a cool little weekend playabout.



It looks like they give you the instructions.

You could leave links to items you plan to use and we can comment on the appropriateness of the items.

Adafruit sells a little two servo pan and tilt gizmo. You might want to take a look at it to see if you think it would be useful for aiming the laser.

Erco, a friend of mine, purchased a bunch of laser sensors and he sells these sensors for $16. Here's a post he made showing his laser tracker. I think he also sells the lasers.

Here's a link to some assembly instructions I made for the pan tilt gizmos I mentioned.

One certainly doesn't need to use one of these pan/tilt gizmos to combine servo movements but I think they're convenient gadgets.