For sale: Two Gravitech MP3 modules w/ Arduino Nanos - $75

Hey guys,

A project I've been working on took a new turn and I've got some spare parts to sell.

The two mp3 modules, and one of the nanos are brand new and have never been used. (Though they were removed from their static pouches.) All three are from Gravitech, and the Nano is a 3.1. The other Nano is a Funduino brand 3.0.

The mp3 modules were originally $40 ea. The Nano 3.1 was $35, and the 3.0 was something like $12.

I'll sell the whole lot for $75, with free priority mail shipping in the US. That's less than $30 per MP3 module and $8 for each of the nanos. You save 30%!

Email me at if interested. I'll remove this post once they're sold.

I'll remove this post once they're sold.


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