For the love of solder fumes, STOP generic naming!

This is so frustrating for a newbie.

All these generic names, Wiring, Processing, Sketch, etc. It complicates, scratch that, it makes it near impossible to do searches to get any examples of those who have gone before us and really increases the learning curve for no reason.

Try something like “serial debug console processing library” and look at the tens of thousands of hits you get on Google, when 0.5% of them are relevant.

So, to the powers that be, PLEASE, I’m begging here, use unique nomenclature from now on. Or use the same words but in a dead language (not that Crimean will have a word for “processing” but you get the point.)

For the record, the fumes are from the flux core of the solder, not the solder itself. Lead doesn’t vaporize till above 3000F.

Just in case you didn’t already know: the search box at uses the google engine to search the site (including the message boards), which screens out a lot of noise that you’d see search the entire interwebz.

People in the Arduino community have been extraordinarily good about contributing information and experience to the message boards, the Playground, and the rest of I only do general google searches if I haven’t found it here (which isn’t often).


Many of those names cannot be changed because they have longer history than Arduino. If you add Arduino to your search, you will get much better results. Here is a tip: do the search, go to images and pick from there

Dont forget to have a look at the more advanced aspects of the search engines.
One of the most useful Ive found is the “site” directive for google.
Appending “” restricts the google search to the domain.
So the search is restricted to the domain. No spaces after the “site:” or it wont work.

For example:

and excluding terms with the “-” directive from a search can be realy useful to get rid of any false positives you know you are going to get.
pwm -“Partnership for World Mission”
Is realy useful.


All these generic names, Wiring, Processing, Sketch,

I do agree with you that some names do not help matters at all. For example I think “Processing” is a very poor name for a computer language because it means so many things. But what are we to do? These names exist and are used, it is just that there are so many other uses for the same name. I can talk about “The language processing” but even that can be confused with a system of taking different tongs and applying a computer algorithm to them.
All areas of human endeavour have jargon, most of which is appropriated from elsewhere. So as others have commented you have to be that bit smarter about searches.