force in a shoe

I would like to measure the force that my foot creates in different parts (6-8) of a shoe. I have made sensors out of conductive fabric that I tested with a multimeter. I think that Aduino will be able to help me. I got an Esplora today and I got it working with my computer. I've been searching the forums and on the internet, but I really cant find what Im looking for. Im sure the information is there, but I either dont know the right questions to ask or I dont understand the answers. Im really new to this and I would appreciate any help, guidance, or direction. Thank you!

Try force sensitive resistors, e.g. Pololu - Force-Sensing Resistor: 0.6″-Diameter Circle

Thank you. I dont think I asked the right question. I need help setting up my Esplora to take the measurements. Im really happy with how my sensors work.

If you want help with the sensors you made, provide details about how they work.

My mom let me get 5 of the 25 lb Flexiforce sensors for my project!!

The sensors should work because the manual says that I can "measure forces above 100 lb (up to 1000 lb), apply a lower drive voltage (-0.5 V,-0.10 V, etc.) and reduce the resistance of the feedback resistor (1kΩ min.)"

First I need to condition and calibrate the sensors with percents of the test weight. Im confused about the test weight. Is my "test weight" 25 lbs (because of the sensor), my weight (because I will be in the shoes), or just any weight?
Thank you!

A "test weight" is an accurately known reference mass (which has an accurately known weight) that is within the range of the sensor.

Find a multiplier so that the Arduino produces the correct value when the test weight is applied to the sensor.

For better results use several test weights of different known masses. Adafruit has a nice tutorial on sensor calibration.