Force sensing resistor

I have a force resistor that I want to make permanent in my circuit. I have it working on my breadboard. The force sensing resistor is 2 pin, do they have anything like a 2 pin coupling or connector where I could solder a female connection onto the perfect board and have the male end attached to the wires of the sensor? I want to make it like a plug and play device where I plug the sensor into the circuit.

Also, is it recommended to solder the wires directly to the end of sensor? Or how would you connect wires to extend the connection to it?

Post a link to the sensor product page or data sheet.

This is the exact one

There is no useful information on that page.

If the pin spacing is 0.1" (fits on a breadboard) you might be able to use a header socket or crimp connector housing with appropriate crimp connectors and wires.

Solder wires directly to the sensor at your peril!

Sorry about that thought you just wanted to see it. Here's the actual data sheet

I did think about crimp connectors but didn't know if it was the best way to go

Crimp connectors are great for permanent installations.

Missing some dimensions in that data sheet - looks like it can be safely soldered to, but do put a connector somewhere between the sensor and the PCB. Makes maintenance and installation and so a lot easier.