Force Sensitive Resistor to Control DC Toy Motor

Hi everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help! I am currently working on a project for a "self-stabilizing" cane. This is for a Capstone project in Mechanical Engineering. I don't have much background in Arduino, I haven't touched it since my introduction class in sophomore year of college. I tired to get my design group to go with a simpler mechanical only approach, but they insisted that we using coding even though none of us have experience (go figure). The basic mechanics are pretty much figured out, but I don't even know where to begin with the programming.

The cane will contain a threaded rod inside the shaft. This shaft will be connected to a DC toy motor. The motor will turn the rod CW and CCW. This rod will be connected to a nut like object called the "threaded disk." This disk is designed to resist rotational motion and transfer it to linear motion up and down the inside of the shaft. The disc is then connected with shoulder screws and nuts to 4 "supporting legs." These are to be deployed when the cane is not in use in order to allow the user to store the cane anywhere without fear of it falling over, forcing the user to have to pick it up. When in use the legs are to retract back inside of the cane providing the sleekness of a traditional cane.

To sense if the cane is in use we have decided to use a Force Sensitive Resistor.

I was hoping someone on this subreddit had done something similar to this and had some documentation on the circuits and coding they have used. I already have figured out how to get the DC motor to rotate CW and CCW using this instruction guide. This guide showed me to turn control the direction of the motor CW and CCW I would need to use this driver.

The controller I want to use for the final prototype is the Sparkfun Pro Micro, but I am testing the programming out using the Arduino Uno first so that I can verify that the programming will work as expected before I go soldering to the pro micro.

If this isn't possible or is a bad idea please feel free to hit me with all your constructive criticisms and suggestions for a better way to do this. I am completely lost.

TL;DR I need to control a [DC toy motor] (DC Toy / Hobby Motor - 130 Size : ID 711 : $1.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits) using a Force Sensitive Resistor, this driver, and the Sparkfun Pro Micro. Please feel free to suggest better ideas on controlling this.

I am willing to offer what money I can afford to anyone who helps me out. Thank you very much!