Force Sensor Circuit inputs

Basically what I want to accomplish is link the force sensors on my circuit to a piezo speaker on the arduino UNO board. I've gotten one of the force sensors to work with the piezo output, but am having trouble connecting another one. When I monitored using serial monitor, only one of the force sensors was changing when I applied pressure and the other one did not change at all. The two circuits are identical to one another and yet they aren't working. Is there a special method for interfacing two inputs with two outputs on arduino?

Thanks in advance!

You'll need to post your code and a schematic....

So they’re both hooked up something like this?? (That tutorial uses PWM, but otherwise is basically what you have, I guess.)

Telling us to think of it as connected a certain way does not help us diagnose your problem… you need to show how it is connected. Ok, you tried that with the photo but nobody has the energy to try decipher that. You could sketch it in paper and take a photo of that… Or try Fritzing.

If you swap the sensors in the circuit, does the problem move with the sensor or stay with the circuit?