Force Sensor Resistor Help

Hey everyone,

My friend and I are trying to connect a simple Force Sensor Resistor to our Arduino. All we have is the FSR itself, the Arduino, and a couple of wires and resistors. What we eventually want to be able to do is, drop a coin on to the sensor and then output the weight of the coin on a separate screen.

How does the wiring go? I am completely new to Arduino and have no idea.


You need to build a voltage divider.

Vin is +5v from arduino, Vout goes to a analog input. R1 or R2 is your sensor, the other one should be a resistor with about the same maximum resistance as your sensor has (I think ... not sure right off the top of my head - but the wiki page should have the formula which should help you figure it out.)



This tutorial should help

Wow, this forum has a very active community!

Thanks guys!

Anyway, that website does say that you can connect an FSR to a breadboard but it doesn't actually explain it. I have no idea where to start :confused:

I have no idea where to start :confused:

Have a look at the links on the side of the tutorial, like this one which hooks an fsr to a Uno

I attached a picture of what I'm working with

(Gosh I'm such a noob...)

You need to work through that tutorial, which shows you

a) how to hook it up and
b) how to program the Uno so that you can brighten / dim the led according to the force and also output the values to your pc.

Might be an idea though, to start with Getting Started and the Examples here on the Arduino site