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Are you for real right now? Trying to download the Arduino IDE I just get permanently passed to the donation page. And no, there's no "Just Download" button. It's a pure donation site.
Not everyone has the money to donate, such as me, a student with no income.
Original Arduino boards are really pricey anyways, so I didn't think that this would actually happen.
I tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox to rule out a browser specific problem. It happens in all of those.

Can you please provide a link to the page from which you are attempting to download the IDE ?

I have just downloaded version 1.8.16 and there was a "Just Downlad" button that worked

This page works for me.

This page does not require a donation and includes the second to latest version:

What works for you? The link leads to donation page

If I go via software win7 or better, I get

Oh I see, if one goes to software page and selects OS he gets redirected to donation page but it detects that one comes from software page and offers Just Download link. If one comes from elsewhere like this thread or if one has cookies disabled, it is straight up donation page

Nevermind then, Arduinos site is very weirdly built.

If you go to you will get the page with the Just Download button,
while if you go to (with the Main) in it it forces you to a donation. I don't know why the heck that happens.

The "donate only" page refers to an older version of the IDE (last time I checked it was 1.8.13 while the "better one" is for 1.8.16).

I have reported this a couple of days ago via Should be a simple fix with a redirect.

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