Ford Focus dashboard display wake up

Hello mates,

I am interested in a project of sending a CAN BUS message to a Focus year 2011 dash. I have attached the pictures of the dash and also the pinout is the following,

(Pin 1 - 6)
1 MS CAN L 125kbit/s
2 MS CAN H 125kbit/s
3 Kl. 30
4 I CAN L 500kbit/s
5 I CAN H 500kbit/s
(Pin 7 - 12)
8 Signal d’affichage (Anzeigesignal?)
10 Kl. 31

I have my arduino with sprkfun CAN receiver and transceiver.

Now my question is, is thre any chance I can start learning what is teh code to write for this specific brand and dash? I know just how to get messages in a CAN BUS and sending them. But I am not sure how to start for sending messages for this specific job.

I would really apppreciate some help and I would like to investigate and learn as much as I can for doing this kind of projects.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

rx_frame.FIR.B.FF = CAN_frame_std;
        rx_frame.MsgID = pxServo_Message.MsgID;
        rx_frame.FIR.B.DLC = pxServo_Message.DLC;[0] = pxServo_Message.Instruction;[1] = pxServo_Message.p1;[2] = pxServo_Message.p2;[3] = pxServo_Message.p3;[4] = pxServo_Message.p4; // end of torque to position[5] = pxServo_Message.p5;[6] = pxServo_Message.p6;[7] = pxServo_Message.p7;

Looking at a CAN buss frame, one can use the rx_frame.FIR.B.DLC and/or the rx_frame.MsgID to determine destinations and special instructions. If the rx_frame.FIR.B.FF was set to extended, the rx_frame.FIR.B.DLC can be stuffed with a lot of info.

I use a Freemantics ODBCII to get info from my 2008 Focus. For the price, saves a lot of work. If you choose to use a Freemantics ODBCII, do get the angled connector.

Many thanks for answering Idahowalker

Sorry for my ignorance because I am just starting, the problem in this case is that I do not have the car for sniffing the CAN messages.

So I was thinking that this was so simple as Copy paste the part of code you want to send to the dash to emulate you are in the car so the dash display turns on.

Because as I said I have only the dashbord testing it on bench.

I think I am wrong and this is more complex. but i would like to know a forum or website where good samaritans share arduino code for sending it via can bus in order to test car parts on bench without needed to have the physical car.

Thanks so much in advance.

At least show me or let me know the first steps for starting in this world, I know a little bit of coding but i am pretty much lost right now :)