Formaldehyde detection

Hi everyone,

Is there something who know how to measure the formaldehyde concentration in the air with arduino ?

Thanks in advance

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Do a google for formaldehyde sensor.
You will have to get one and then connect it up to the arduino, these are probably quite expensive. You will have to know the sensitivity you want, then once you have a sensor you need some electronics to get it's output into the 0 to 5V range that can be directly measured with an arduino. This will probably involve one or more operational amplifiers.

Make sure in the specs that the sensor rejects detecting alcohol...


I have already make some research on Google. I have found sensor witch being developped, chinese sensors (I cannot buy just one sensor :wink: but no suitable sensor at all.

If someone have references ?

Thanks !

What about this:-
Only a minimum order of 5.
However the shipping fee is large.

What ppm are you after?
The output is small so you will nee some good op amps correctly laid out to get the signal to a suitable level for the arduino.

Not sure about formaldehyde but I have used some gas sensors from e2v ( There was no minimum orders (I ordered three).
Also checkout

The CO/VOC sensors I used were in a rugged TO39 metal can. IIRC there were
comparable sensors from both companies in this package.

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