Format sensor data JSON and store using PHP

I'm capturing sensor data (10 values updated every 0,5 seconds) and formating it with JSON . I'd like now to send these data to a remote web server and store it to manipulate later. (Using Ethernet shield). I could capture and format data in JSON but I've no experience in HTTP and ethernet shield libraries to send data to a remote server (I'm thinking by example a way to recover in a PHP page that store data in tables) but my problem is that I don't know how to send and put the data into the php page.

Does anybody an idea or reference to use as starting point ?

PS: I tried the following : - I tried to use Pachube but granularity and refresh time (5 - 10 seconds is the limit in this system) so I can not - I tried (thanks Gregg) using a form and a perl cgi but there are too many parameters to send


I would get the data into a database. From the database a webserver and other applications could access the data. I would use Postgres for this.

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Well, since my sensor network was designed without microcontrollers, I used a perl script (independent from webserver) to poll sensors and put data into a mySQL database.

I would think that for your method, what you would want to do is create either a PHP page or a Perl CGI that accepts HTML form data. Probably would want the "POST" method of form submission due to the length of your data. You could either create separate input fields for each data point, or just send one big text type input field and let the php/perl script parse it out. Either way, once the cgi has it parsed into variables, it just needs to make the SQL INSERT calls to the database.