Format specifier trouble

I have 2 variables x1 followed by value, y1 followed by value. I want to get the output & then extract it through Labview. Just can seem to get it. Help
Please specify the Arduino format & the equivalent LabVIEW string ( scan format string ) method to extract two variables.

Servo-serial (13.3 KB)

IG_valve.pde (1.21 KB)

You maybe want to re-post that?

What program reads your attached "vi"-file?

The pde file / sketch seems OK and working.... (if both inputs are high, set servo to potentiometer setting, else to 0 or 90 depending on if "inp" or "set" is LOW (there is no seperate case for both pins LOW) )

Do you want your Arduino to "send" something to your program/LABview or do you want the Arduino to react to something from it instead?

In this case I want to read from the Serial port & be able to send a string of data - thats why I started with 2 variables. These variables should be represented as indicator meters or values in Labview. Can see to do that with standard LAbview using Serial read for one variable. I was thinking that the same should be possible with the LAbview Arduino toolkit example. Try as I might though, the 'Analog read ' example does absolutely nothing. It was reporting a 5002 error initially but now it reports nothing & does nothing.

Wondering how I may set up the connection to the Arduino init API & make it connect to the Arduino. Just is not happenning.

Using win64 OS & LV2009.


Sorry, I dont have LabView, so all those references thereto - including that there is an "Arduino toolkit example" - do not help to clarify the problem for me.

Okay, heres the thing. I made a blunder in understanding how things work with the Arduino toolkit. I have posted this here so that someone with a need for ' A dummys guide to LV & Arduino' finds something to go by.

What the LabVIEW toolkit doest not tell you in clear words is that once you have the toolkit downloaded, you have to get the Labview connectivity header files from the location. See to follow to look for the detail.

You have to then insert your code for the Arduino in the Labview file. the other files kind of seem to overlay a type of bootloader modification that helps connect to LV toolkit. Speeds for the data exchange though seem to load the system somewhat & I have had cases of servo's twitching when connected to the LV interface.

Thanks all.