Formating data for sending to sigfox network

So far, to communicate with the sigfox network, I used rasberry pi zero and wisol node uart modem. (Communication with AT Command.)

For example, when I sent AT$SF = "00112233" on the backend I received 00112233.

With regards to limited availability RPi Zero decided to move the project to MKRFOX1200.
Now by sending, for example, SigFox.write ("00112233"); on the backend I received 3030313132323333.
I understand that this is a representation of each character in a string in hexadecimal form.
I tried breaking the string into parts by two characters and sending as bytes but anyway they are converted to hex. eg
SigFox.write ((byte) 20); on the backend I received 14.
Of course I could change the program on the backend side and convert from hex to dec, but I would prefer to send it in the correct format.
Is there a way to format my data so that after posting I receive them the same as in the case of RPi zero?