Formatting data uploaded to a web page from an Arduino SD card

I kow that this is not strictly Arduino but give nthe number of people who use the little processor for data logging, I’m willing to bet quite a few would like to get the data of their SD cards without having to go and physically remove the card.

I’m setting up a web page to get data into an Excel sheet from a CSV file on an Arduino using the following HTML. The reason I’m going down this route os because the Arduino is too small to act as a network drive.

The HTML code I’m sending from the Arduino in response to the HTML ‘GET’ is as follows:-

    <TITLE>WestPark Thermal Data Record</TITLE>
    <script language=vbscript>
    'Dim strData
    Sub Window_onLoad()	
        Spreadsheet1.TitleBar.Caption = "West Park Thermal Data"
        'strData = Spreadsheet1.HTMLData
    	'Spreadsheet1.DataType = "CSVURL"
    	'Spreadsheet1.CSVURL = data2012.csv"
        ' Format the cells
        'Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Interior.Color = "CornSilk"
        'Spreadsheet1.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Font.Bold = True
        Spreadsheet1.Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 16.43
        'Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 16.43
    End Sub 
    <form name="returntoindex" action="index.htm" method="GET">
    <input type="submit" value="Go to main Page">


   <p><a href="data2012.csv"Click here to access the Excel file.></a>
   <iframe src="data2012.csv" style="height:300px; width:100%" name="Spreadsheet1"

I get the data in an Excel spread sheet in the Iframe on the web page but I need to format some of the columns. You can see by the number of things Ive commented out in the VB script that I’ve tried quite a few ideas but I cant get the script to do its magic on the cells in the spreadsheet.

Like all these things It probaly something simple but it is eluding me at the moment and help from someone who has been down this road before would be appereciated.