Formatting the Serial Monitor


I am trying to monitor the analogRead of 8 pots connected to my Mega2560 by printing their value to the serial monitor. Is there a way of fixing it so I can print the data at the same location so the screen is not scrolling constantly? This is similar with the LCD control where you can place the cursor at a specific spot & line and print a character.


I don't think it's possible to change the arduino IDE serial monitor but you could always use an alternative application to monitor the serial port.

One that I use is called Realterm. If you set it up to use "ansi" then it will respect the "\r" character as going back to the beginning of the current line.

So something like the following would work

Serial.println("Current Values");
  {//NOTE \r will take the cursor back to the beggining of the CURRENT line
  //so each time around the loop this line will get overwritten on the screen.
  sprintf(outputString,"\r %i %i %i %i etc.", V1, v2,v3,v4,etc..);


One minor irritation is that you have to close realterm whenever you want to upload your sketch to the arduino.  (otherwise the port is not available to the ardiuno IDE)  Also, just like the Serial port monitor, Realterm also resets the arduino as it loads.


This helps, thanks.

This seems to be a very simple task that is done on LCD monitors so not sure why it can't be done on the Serial Monitor.

I am using an LCD for this project and will try to monitor the pots that way although won't have enough room to display all 8.